Why Do I Keep Snacking?

Posted: May 31, 2015 in health and fitness, Nutrition

Why do I keep snacking?

Have you ever sat down with a packet of Maryland’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, promised yourself to only eat one, and then end up devouring the whole packet 15 minutes later?

Yes, me too.

But why? Why do our bodies feel to the need to over snack and how do we stop it?

To be honest, everyone is different, some people snack because of emotional eating, others because of boredom, and some just because there is nothing else in the house to eat.

No matter your reason for over snacking, I hope we are all in agreement that it needs to stop. Snacking is one of the quickest and easiest ways to consume more calories than you want to that day, which will inevitably lead to weight gain.

It may seem like an impossible feat but stopping those pesky in-between meal cravings is possible.

Try to keep busy

A lot of people tend to eat when they get bored so that they have something to do, but if you keep yourself busy (and I don’t mean sitting down watching a Netflix marathon) I mean doing something meaningful. Go out for a run, do that house project you’ve been putting off for months, help your child with their homework- even start that book you’ve been meaning to read. Keeping busy will keep your mind off food.

Bushing your teeth 

This one kills me! I hate brushing my teeth after meals because it signifies to me that its time to stop eating. As much as I hate it, brushing teeth really does work!   I baked some brownies the other day and brushing my teeth was the only thing that saved me from devouring the whole tray. So if you find yourself wanting to go back for another plate of cheesecake, just go and brush your teeth. Then the only alternative you will have is to drink water to fulfil your cravings.

Drinking Water!

Speaking of drinking water, this is another tip you can do to avoid snacking. Many people confuse being thirsty with being hungry. So before you decide to go and fix yourself a bowl of ice-cream to snack on, try drinking a tall glass of refreshing water first and see how you feel. Nine times out of ten I’m sure you will be satisfied.

Healthy snacking

And lastly, if none of these tips help, why don’t we change what we snack on? Instead of picking up that chocolate bar, go for an apple. If you’re having a movie night, substitute the popcorn for a fruit bowl or some nuts. Snacking isn’t all bad if we’re snacking on the right things!

So become the face of fitness you want to see and eat the right snacks!



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