Is ‘big’ the new beautiful?

Posted: July 26, 2015 in health and fitness

Is ‘big’ the new beautiful?
For many years, everyone wanted to be a size 0. This was deemed the ‘perfect look’, which led to a lot of people going to severe extremes to get down to a very unhealthy anorexic look just to be considered ‘beautiful’.
But in the past few years the public perception has drastically changed, women are now celebrated for their curves, and having that ‘size 0 runway model look’ is now seen as unattractive and unhealthy. This change has now lead to large influx of ladies becoming reluctant to lose weight, because ‘big’ has now become the new beautiful- its no wonder obesity levels are on the rise.
Human nature seems to be driven by extremes, going from aspirations of being a size 0, to now wanting to put on as much weight as possible. People have even gotten to the point of injecting themselves with their own body fat placed in different locations to achieve a specific curvy look, instead of using exercise as a tool to help shape and redefine the body.  It’s clear that short cuts, easy options and quick ‘fixes’ have taken precedent over health.
Carrying too much body fat and using the newfound excuse of ‘embracing your curves’ is doing your body more harm than good. Having an excess amount of weight can lead to a variety of health implications such as increased risk of heart disease, stoke, diabetes, hypertension even an increased risk of developing cancer.
Instead of trying to fit into the fads of ‘too skinny’ being the new beautiful or ‘big’ being the new beautiful. Why don’t we focus on healthy being the new beautiful?

A healthy look is different on everyone- we all have different fitness goals, body types and shapes. Some people want to compete in nationals, others want to simply get down to an ideal body fat percentage, and some want to have thick legs, a flat stomach and toned arms.
All three looks are completely different, but ALL are considered to be a healthy look. This is what is so great about ‘healthy’ becoming the new beautiful- there is no set look. We all have our own criteria that cannot be defined by the media or swayed by public opinion. With healthy being the new gold standard we can all achieve our own versions of what beauty truly is. We will no longer look like we have been manufactured, boxed and distributed from the same conveyer belt, with the same smile, pose and wave.
We will now learn to embrace our natural body types and learn how to emphasize our best features, instead of going through the extremes of injecting, starving or neglecting our bodies to get the common ‘desired look’. We can now get to a healthy place combining proper eating techniques, cardio and weight training methods to help reach our own version of beauty.

Firstly what we need to do is to forget about public perception and ban the notions of skinny or big. Beauty should no longer be determined by size, but by health status. It will take some time, dedication and will power, but once you reach your destination, you will see just how beautiful healthy is.

So become the face of fitness YOU desire and workout to define your own beauty.


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