10 Bad Habits we all Need to Quit

Posted: July 29, 2015 in health and fitness


Slouching is one of my biggest pet peeves- if I could include it more than once in this article I would. It doesn’t just look unsightly but can also affect your health too. For those of you that are stuck in an office at your computer you might find that you roll your shoulders in and hang your head forward. Did you know that every inch you hang your head forward actually adds an extra 10 pounds of pressure onto your spine? This forces your neck and back muscles to work harder than they should be working to support the extra weight. So when they finally relax you may find that you begin to get tension headaches. To help avoid all of this, try to maintain correct posture as much as possible, or take an occasional walk around the office to avoid getting stuck into a trans at your desk and end up spending the whole day slouching in front of the computer.

Browsing the snack isle 

If you are trying to lose weight we all know what we are not supposed to do and eat. Browsing the snack isle is high up on that list. All you are doing is adding an extra temptation to an already hard task. Try to fill your basket with fruits and nuts which are easy to snack on and a lot healthier than a bar of chocolate.

Only giving 50% in a Work Out

It’s true that 50% is better than nothing BUT if you keep up this trend it could eventually become your norm. If we believe we can get away with doing half a workout, we will. And eventually, even though we are still exercising we won’t see the results that we were getting before because we are not giving it our all. So make sure even if you are having a hard day to give it 100% when you enter those gym doors. Leave feeling proud that you gave it your all and held nothing back. You need to earn your results.

Cracking your knuckles

Not because it’s harmful to your body- the old myth of cracking knuckles causes arthritis is just that- a myth. But the noise is just annoying and it gives me the shivers so this one needs to stop!

Biting your nails 

I know it’s a nervous habit for a lot of people but nail biting is definitely something we all need to give up. Everywhere we go we use our hands to touch all kinds of objects, without giving it a second thought. Not knowing who touched it before or what kind of bacteria is on the objects. Then when we go to bite our nails we are actually transferring whatever bacteria that is under our nails into our mouths which increases the risk of developing a cold or suffering from other kinds of infections.


We all do it, and this couldn’t be a worse trait to have. Not doing what we need to do not only causes a build up of stress because as we put off certain tasks- they don’t disappear. It just leads to more tasks piling up until we can no longer put off our work any longer. Procrastinating causes a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety. And when we do eventually get the work done we realize it wasn’t as hard as we initially thought (always the way) so as Nike suggests ‘Just Do It’ and prevent yourself from a suffering a serious self induced stress attack.

Binge drinking, Binge eating, BINGE ANYTHING

You know the old saying- everything in moderation. Binging definitely does not fall into the category of moderation, and could lead to unhealthy eating habits or lifestyle choices. So to avoid falling into the trap of binging on your favorite chocolate cake try to give yourself a daily quota that you cannot exceed. If you find that you continue to have those cravings, try to keep yourself busy with other tasks- like going for a jog, washing the car, even drinking a glass of water may even help.

Not washing your hands regularly

Now I don’t mean that every 5 minutes we must go to the bathroom to make sure our hands are washed, but keeping our hand clean is one of the most important things we can do to ensure we avoid getting sick or spreading germs. As I mentioned before- everything you have touched has been touched by someone else, and that transfers onto your hands. Then you rub your eye or touch your phone and put it to your face. It is so easy to transfer germs because we never think about it. But keeping our hands clean is the first step we can take into making sure we don’t catch or spread anything.

Not smiling enough

Now this is a big one for me, I’ve noticed a lot of people just don’t smile these days. You would walk down the road and everyone is just sporting a mean look like you stole their goldfish. I’m tired of seeing people walking around full of misery, smiling is a great way to not only make yourself feel happier but also spreads joy onto others. Smiling more, helps you de-stress and it even makes you more attractive *wink*

I really cannot think of a single reason for us to walk around like we just came from a funeral. So smiling more is a definite yes- it doesn’t take much to brighten up yours and someone else’s day- give it a go and see how good it makes you feel.

Making up excuses not to work out

Im too tired, I’m too busy, I don’t need to I’m already slim, my children, my work, my dog, my cat. I’ve heard it all- and while I’m sure you believe they are all valid excuses, there is no good reason not to take care of your health. It is the ONLY thing keeping you going, if you burn out from your job you will get replaced the next day. Because you don’t put on weight easily does not mean you cannot end up with diabetes. Because you have kids does not excuse you either, how will you be able to enjoy the time with them when you are constantly bed ridden from the flu or can’t play with them because you don’t have enough energy to keep up.

Keeping active is the only sure fire way to keep yourself in good working order. I cannot stress this enough. Stop with the excuses and put on those shoes and go for a jog today!


Negative Self Talk 

I know I said 10 but I’ve never been one for counting. Negative self talk is one of the single most dangerous self destructive acts we can do to ourselves. If you ever find yourself even thinking the words “I’m too fat”, “I’m not pretty enough”, “I’m not her”… What you should be saying is ‘I’m working on my weight loss, and I’m working damn hard”, “I am beautiful, even if they don’t see it- I see my worth and I am truly amazing”, “I don’t want to be her, I am me and I am perfect”.

Talking down to yourself not only gives other people the impression that they can do it to, but it is a bad habit that can stick with you for years to come. There is enough people out there in the world that will try to belittle you, tear you apart and bring you down. You don’t need to add to that count- learn to love yourself for who you truly are. And if you REALLY can’t see how great you are, get a piece of paper and write down 10 things that you like about yourself.

If you are having trouble starting that list let me help you out -“1. You have a great taste in blogs…”

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted to see and cut out these bad habits to become the better you.

  1. MariaD says:

    Love these posts. Interesting and user friendly. Really does give you the encouragement to try and try harder.


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