How to Get a Girls Attention

Posted: August 1, 2015 in health and fitness, Nutrition

Lets be honest now guys, you spend hours in the gym, working on every individual muscle to get your body looking sexy to try and impress the ladies.

And yes, I’m sure it works- girls love a guy with a nice muscular physique. But every Tom, Dick and Harry is in the gym these days, so soon your body isn’t going to turn heads any longer. Why not try a few new techniques to give you that extra boost? Its time to consider the other features that attract a girl’s attention, like your eyes, or your smile- even your nails.

I bet your wondering how can you possibly change anything about your eyes or your smile to get a girl to notice you. Its quite simple, and it all starts in the kitchen- the foods you eat have a huge impact on your overall appearance.


Eyes are most commonly referred to as the windows to the soul; ladies love a man with bright eyes, so you don’t want to be walking around with dull or damaged eyes. The best way to keep your eyes looking the part is to eat papaya- it contains an enzyme that helps nourish and support the creation of bright eyes. Bags under the eyes can also be another huge turn off for many ladies, these often occur due to lack of sleep. The best way to get rid of them is to include vitamin B6 and magnesium into your diet. The B6 helps fight off irritability and insomnia to help you sleep better, and magnesium helps promote better sleep patterns. Both of these can thankfully both be found in bananas.


A mans smile is a very appealing quality to any female, keeping your teeth white and free of stains is definitely a must. If you’re a big smoker or coffee drinker, you’re bound to have stained or discolored teeth. Mustard oil has stain-removing properties, if lightly rubbed on your teeth it can help get rid of those unwanted marks. To get your teeth looking pearly white again, instead of spending hundreds on getting them cosmetically whitened why not just start eating more guavas? Guavas contain many vitamins, but the most importantly they have a good supply of vitamin A, which is essential for healthy maintenance of teeth and hair. Guavas also contain compounds that help preserve the enamel on your teeth- keeping them whiter for longer!


Your skin in another big issue, you can’t spend all day in the gym to make your body look buff and then not take care of your skin. If you suffer from dry skin, and the cream you are using doesn’t seem to be working, then you need to start eating more almonds! They are rich in vitamin E, which is one of the most important antioxidants for healthy skin.

Vitamin A is another nutrient that is important for naturally bright skin, so if you suffer from dull skin, then you need to start eating more sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and they don’t just brighten up the skin, sweet potatoes also help protect against cancer, heart disease, asthma and arthritis, so you really cant go wrong with incorporating this vegetable into your regular diet!


Besides having hair in all the wrong places, there’s nothing more off putting to a woman than bad breath! Sometimes it doesn’t even matter how often you brush, some people are just cursed with bad breath and can’t figure out why.

If you do suffer from this unfortunate affliction, try-eating mint; have you ever wondered why most toothpastes have mint as the flavoring? It’s not just for its refreshing scent, the plant mint actually has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to protect your gums when you brush and eat. Not only that, mint also helps keep your breath smelling fresh as it has vinyl compounds that are able to get deep into the lungs and maintain the freshness as you breathe.

If you’re not much of a mint fan, eating onions is always an option. Onions contain a natural compound that has a toxic effect on the bacteria that lives in your mouth and teeth, the less bacteria you have on your teeth, the less likely you are to suffer from cavities. Unfortunately, these compounds are most effective when the onion is raw, so after you eat the onion you may want to have some mint lying around near by just incase.


Now this is a big one for everyone, we all want to have sexy looking feet, and unluckily for you guys, you’re not able to cover up your toe nails with nail polish to make them more attractive. But there are foods you can eat to help improve the sight of them, so you are able to wear sandals again with confidence.

If you are suffering from dull nails, this may be because you have a deficiency in foliate; eating lentils, beans or spinach could help give your nails a brighter appearance.

Tormented by dry, flaking nails? Simply rubbing a little olive oil around your nail beds every evening would help to keep your nails hydrated and healthy.

Many people these days have weak, brittle nails, to help combat this, all you need to do is add more essential fatty acids into your diet. This could help keep your nail beds moisturized stopping them from breaking so easily. While incorporating ground flaxseed to your cereal or smoothies would definitely help you win your brittle nail battle due to the essential fats that help the nail plate to develop properly and prevent your nails from splitting.

Capturing the attention of that one special lady takes a little more effort than just having a good body these days. So when you are done with lifting weights at the gym, don’t forget about the rest of you. Find a way to stand out from the crowd, Crop Over is coming up and the ladies will be looking at more than just your abs this year.

Become the Face of Fitness you want to see and stay a cut above the rest.

  1. Mark Atkins says:

    Great article. Keep the good work up.


  2. MariaD says:

    A good read.


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