The Walk of Shame

Posted: August 5, 2015 in health and fitness

Walking is one of human natures basic functions; you often learn to walk even before you can talk; yet so many people are apposed to the idea of walking.

When starting any fitness journey, walking is generally the 1st thing most people have to do. It is easy, we are all familiar with the concept, its practically injury free and doesn’t require much skill. It is the foundation on which most of our health and fitness is generated and yet people seem to be so embarrassed to start with a walk.

Not starting your exercise journey because you are not ‘good at it’, and unable to walk for long distances is something many are familiar with. If they cannot run a 5k, they will not even attempt to walk it. We seem to be a nation that wants to run before we can walk- quite literally, and this is doing no favours for our health.

There is no shame in taking the time to build up our fitness level, no one was born running a marathon. These feats take a great deal of time, practise, dedication, and all began with a simple step. We need to get rid of the notion that just because we are not ‘good at it’ we will not attempt it, your fitness level cannot improve if you do not begin somewhere.

Starting off with walking is definitely the most convenient and safest form of exercise. It can be done anywhere at any time, there is no need for specialised equipment and there are not many other exercises that you can do while catching up on all of the latest gossip with your best friend.

Walking for 30 minutes 5 days a week will make a huge difference to your energy levels. You will eventually find yourself being able to run for part of the distance, and ultimately running the whole thing will be as easy as a walk in the park. However, we will be unable get to this point if we are not willing to start off with the first step- there is no such thing as a walk of shame.

So become the face of fitness you want and begin your exercise journey today-with a walk.

  1. MariaD says:

    Excellent article


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