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Posted: August 12, 2015 in health and fitness

Stick to your Healthy Habits At Work

At work is the worst place to try and stick to any health related diet promises you have made to yourself.

There is no support system like you would get at home, offices are usually surrounded by fast food options, and there is always that ONE guy that has to pull out your favourite chocolate bar from the snack draw to goad you.

Here are a few easy tips to help you throughout the day.

1) Stay strong and remember why you started your workout journey.  Remember it doesn’t matter if you go to the gym every day, if you cannot control what goes into your mouth then you will not see any results.  Diet is a major factor when aiming towards any fitness goal.

2) Bring in your own food, but if that is not an option, try to eat the healthiest thing around you.

Broil, Boil, Bake, Steam or Grill.

3) Go to re-fill your water bottle, even if it’s not empty, it will break up the monotony of sitting at your desk dreaming of food.

4) Actually drink the water you just replenished. Drinking water helps ease of any hunger you may be feeling, so drink up!

5) Always have your snack available to pick on; this is so that you have no temptation of going in that awful snack draw to satisfy any cravings.  Bring a bag from home of about 22 raw peanuts, or if that doesn’t seem like enough try 62 eating pistachio nuts; this is about the equivalent of 200 calories to help you throughout the day.

Disclaimer: Do not bring the entire container thinking that you can limit yourself; you will probably end up eating the whole packet- which defeats the purpose.

6) Preparation is key, if you can bring your meals to work, cook enough to last you a couple of days, or the entire week if possible. Separate them after the meal has been prepared, this will avoid any last minute morning rush and the forever excuse of “I have no time”. All you have to do is open the fridge door, pick out your container for the day and go!

Simple. Easy. Effective.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted with a few quick tips to help you through your day.

  1. MariaD says:

    Good article


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