A Guys guide- The Untold Laws of the Gym

Posted: August 19, 2015 in Fitness Humour, health and fitness

From a girls perspective.

Ever thought you were hitting it off so well with that girl on the leg press, you and her talked for hours that day at the gym. Bumping into each other at the water cooler, helping her lift the weight she was squatting. And then all of a sudden the next time you run into her at the gym you cant even seem to make eye contact; and she seems to make a huge U-turn whenever she sees you walking in her direction.

There are a few critical things that should just never be done at the gym as a male. The things that most guys do and then wonder why the girl you believed you were hitting it off with doesn’t reply to your message when you ask about meeting up at the gym to work out together.

If you keep getting the same reaction and don’t know why, wait no longer; here is the Guys Guide for the untold laws of the gym from a woman’s perspective.

No flirting

No matter how cute we look we didn’t come here to flirt. We are focused on reaching our goal and working hard towards it.  Don’t kill my vibe by striking up ‘casual’ conversation, especially not mid rep. But if you must, at least wait until my headphones are off and my workout is completed.

Staring when we walk into the weights area

Yes I know what I’m doing; it’s not the 1700’s anymore- girls are allowed in the weights area.

Staring in General

This is Super awkward and Super creepy. You need to stop.

Volunteer yourself as a Spotter

Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I automatically need help. I have a mouth and generally if I wanted something, I’d ask for it.  So as much as you think you’re coming to my rescue and helping me, it’s not.

(Unless you see me struggling to the point of near death then YES! I need to be rescued- thank you please! And then after that, I’m pretty sure I’d owe you a shake at the juice bar as an obligatory ‘your my hero’ type reward.)

Check us out

You think you’re being all sly about it but we always know- always.  Using the mirrors doesn’t make you invisible.

Show off about how much you can lift

Maybe you’re trying to impress the guys, but we really don’t care.

Hogging the machine

We pay our membership too. And it’s not to sit and wait for you to get off your phone while ‘resting in-between sets’ and hogging the chest press.  We are all civilized adults that should know how to share by now.

Be rude

To other members or members of staff.  There’s just no need for it, causing a scene because you were unable to get into a class or because someone accidentally used your towel is a little ridiculous.  It’s not the end of the world- other people were looking forward to the class too and I’m sure the gym has replacement towels.

Use the floor mirror like you’re at home

This one doesn’t affect me in the slightest it’s just disgusting and a little humorous to watch. Going up to the mirror and checking your teeth or picking your nose.  Maybe those are things that should have been done at home?

Making fun of or laughing at people

(I realize this isn’t just men specific)

But no you are not ‘cool’, it is insensitive and uncalled for. Not everyone is an expert, not everyone starts off looking like they belong on the cover of Women’s or Men’s Health magazine. That is why we are here, to reach our goal. Laughing at other people just makes you look bad, eventually they will reach their goal and you will still be stuck in the same small mind frame- still laughing now?

Singing really… really loudly

Now this one can be funny, even a little cute- especially if you’re completely in your zone and don’t even realize what you’re doing.  But seriously, we didn’t come here to experience a whole Celine Dion concert- it’s a little distracting. Keep it down!

That Really loud Grunting Noise

We get it, you’re lifting a heavy weight, but does the whole gym have to know about it?  A grunt or two may escape every once in a while… but every time, on every rep, on every exercise… That’s a little much.

So this is the Guys Guide to the gym, if any of these have offended you, I must apologize but if so, you are clearly a culprit.  So on behalf of all of the females in the gym, I ask that you stop; ignorance is no excuse for the law.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted to see and follow these simple guidelines so that we can all enjoy the gym.

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