The Ultimate Break-Up Remedy

Posted: September 3, 2015 in health and fitness

Break-ups are the worst; you first get into a relationship with it being all butterflies and dandelions, thinking they will be the one, and then all of a sudden reality hits and it is all over!

You are now a crumbling mess, crying at every movie with a happy ending, hating on cute couples as they walk by, trying your hardest not to repeatedly dial his number, all while trying to find a way to ‘casually’ bump into him while looking your best.

Instead of wasting all of your very calculated and determined efforts on trying to win him back, why not just focus your energy on the person that will always be there fore you no matter what?

That’s right, I’m talking about you.

Exercise is such a powerful tool, as we know. It can help prevent certain diseases from occurring (diabetes, hypertension), it can even lessen the effects of said diseases. Exercise is so versatile, it is also used to rehabilitate certain injuries, broken ankles, broken arms, and out of all the injuries out there, exercising also covers fixing a broken heart– no insurance required.

It’s time to replace those tears with sweat, those love songs with power mixes, those old memories with new gains, and it’s time, once and for all, to forget about him. There is no better way to get over a break up than by getting under a squat rack- so that’s what you need to do.

Shed those extra couple of pounds that you’ve recently put on, tone, tighten and lift. Beginning a new exercise routine will open up a whole new world you never knew existed. You will begin to feel happier, more at ease and more confident.

You will start to experience things you never knew possible, pushing your body to the limit and not only feeling, but also seeing the results. People will begin to compliment you on how great you’re looking, that dress you were too self conscious to wear will now become your signature evening wear. You will have a new passion, drive and focus in life.

Forget about who the new side chick is, wondering how you are going to power through that 5k, how long it will take you to reach a personal best on the deadlift or when you will be able to get through that spin class without taking any breaks will be the only problems on your mind.

Not only would you have forgotten all about him, but the next time you do run into him you will be a much happier, healthier, sexier you- while of course having the added bonus of watching him wish he still had you in his arms. By the time you settle into your workout routine you will want to thank the man that broke your heart because you wouldn’t of dreamt of finding a passion so fulfilling and uplifting.

If you’re wondering where to start, take a look at the exercise routines posted- (Week 1) and become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted by un-breaking your heart with exercise.

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