Too Important For Your Health

Posted: September 12, 2015 in health and fitness

You might think this sounds a little ridiculous, but I pose this question to you Mr CEO, Mrs CTO, the stay at home mom, the receptionist at the insurance firm, the teller at the gas station, are you too important for your health?

If you were to sit and answer this question, your automatic response would probably be ‘No, I’m not too important for my health’, but your actions and often your words tell a different story.

You may not use these exact words, but ‘being too important’ has to be the number one reason people preach as to why they do not exercise, and I don’t quite understand. How can you be too important for your health?

You wouldn’t be who you are without your health, you wouldn’t be where you are without your health, and you wouldn’t be able to continue as you are, without your health… And yet, all you seem to do is neglect your health.

If I counted the amount of times I’ve heard ‘I’m too busy’ ‘I have to work’ ‘I have no time’ I would run out of numbers to be able to continue to keep counting.

We as a people seem to prioritise everything above our actual health; a new excuse always seems to pop up. We complain until we run out of breath about the price of healthy food, and yet we would spend $15 on lunch at the nearest fast food restaurant daily. We preach that we have no time to get up and go for a walk and yet we end up spending hours on a Netflix binge. We say we are too tired to make it to the gym, and yet we are up at all hours stalking our ex’s new girlfriend on Facebook.

Something is not quite adding up, and it all seems to point in the direction of us believing that we are too important for our health. I understand you think because you don’t feel sickly that you believe you are fine, but certain ailments creep up on you without any warning, and can attack at any time.

For those of you that are workaholics, always stressing about the next meeting, deadline or project, don’t think for a second that as soon as you fall too sick to work that one of your colleagues wouldn’t step up and replace you. Don’t make the mistake of believing the second after that heart attack hits, it won’t be back to business as usual within a week, without you. You are not too important to be replaced, so jeopardising your health and wellbeing at the expense of profits and margins won’t be worth it when you have to take early retirement due to injury or illness.

Working those long hours and not taking time for yourself causes undue stress, you won’t even notice there is something wrong until it’s too late. Stress is gradually becoming a top silent killer and neglecting your wellbeing is a sure fire way to ensure a stress attack.

You may feel fine but your body is not, keeping active is one of the best ways to deal with stress, it also helps prevent your blood pressure from rising and improves your overall health and wellbeing. Cutting back on your hour-long phone call with the in-laws to go for a daily 30-minute jog can help keep you on the right track. Making sure that you prioritise your health and fitness is imperative to having and maintaining a happy, healthy and long lasting life.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and remember that you are not too important for your health, because without it, who would you be?

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