From Fuzz-Out to fabulous in 5 minutes

Posted: October 22, 2015 in Beauty

We’ve all had that moment, sneak out for a quick lunchtime WOD or an after work cardio session, when we get the dreaded phone call. Last minute meeting scheduled, or that guy you’ve been waiting forever to call, NOW decides, after your hour-long cardio session is the best time to call and ask you out.

The first thing that hits is straight PANIC!!


What am I going to do, what am I going to wear, how am I going to smell, and most importantly…how am I going to LOOK?

Here’s a few quick tips that will get you from fuzz-out to fabulous in 5 minutes.

  1. OK, well firstly if there was ever a time for a lightening speed shower, now’s the time. 2 minutes in and out, make sure you cover all of the essential areas, now is not the time to stand under the water and dwell on the meaning of life. Have your sweetest smelling body soap at hand. Try to make the water as cold as possible so that as you wash your face it will help remove some of the redness you may experience, and a cold shower will ensure a speedy exit, who ever wanted to spend a long time under ice-cold water?

(If there is no time for a shower, get some baby wipes and start wiping!)


  1. Getting dressed: This is where we take our time, try to get dressed carefully, now is not the time to rush. There’s is nothing worse than falling flat on your face on the gym floor tripping up on your panties while trying to put them on.
  1. Body spray and deodorant is a must. Spray, spray, spray, but try not to over load though- people will know you have something to hide.
  1. To help get rid of any extra redness or evidence of a workout, face powder is a definite essential. Evens out skin tone and makes you look like the goddess you usually are pre-workout.
  1. Now is the time to tame that mane, make sure you carry your brush or comb with you at all times. You cannot go back to work looking like one of those troll dolls, with your hair flying here, there, and everywhere.

This is the quick fix to get from fuzz-out to fabulous in 5 minutes. Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted while making it look effortless.

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