5 Things You Should Stop Feeling Guilty About

Posted: October 27, 2015 in health and fitness, Nutrition
  1. Losing weight too slowly

Everyone’s body is different; everyone loses weight at different rates depending on where they are in their fitness journey. Just because you are not losing weight at the rate you want to doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Keeping active and eating clean is the only way to ensure a successful result, feeling guilty about it will only put negative thoughts into your mind and stop you from giving it your all in your workout session.

  1. Not Being Able to Give Up Chocolate

Everyone has their vice, for you, it may not be chocolate- it may be fast food, bread, alcohol. Whatever it is, don’t feel guilty or punish yourself for not being able to give it up. Try simply cutting back, if you are used to having a chocolate bar once a day, try cutting it back to half. If you are accustomed to having a bottle of wine with dinner, try limiting it to a glass or two. Cutting back on these extra calories will make a huge difference to your weight loss goal.

  1. Skipping ONE Workout

Please read carefully, ONE workout, not one a week or one a month, I literally just mean one. Skipping one workout isn’t the worst thing in the world. But feeling guilty and punishing yourself by going extra hard on the next session won’t make up for it nor will it do your body any favours. Your body isn’t going to magically turn into a lump of fat because you didn’t run that 3k, your PB isn’t going to suddenly decrease because you didn’t do chest press that day. Skipping one workout is ok; don’t beat yourself up about it.

  1. Quitting That Diet

Don’t feel bad about quitting your diet; to be honest with you, most diets aren’t good to start in the 1st place. They generally just involve reducing your caloric intake by cutting out all the foods that normal people eat. It’s highly improbable to diet your whole life, you will end up missing out on essential minerals needed by the body, and as soon as you come off the diet you are more than likely to go back to your old eating habits and put back on the weight you just lost. So start by adopting health-eating practices, include a hearty dose of fruit or veg with every meal, cut back on the fatty fried foods, and stop looking for the next diet craze to pop up.

  1. Being Boring

Your friends want to go out and party Friday night, and all you want to do is wake up 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning to attend a spin class, and that is ok. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about not being in the mix, you are trying to reach your fitness goal, don’t let anyone try to deter you. Just because your after work lime has now turned into an after work gym session- doesn’t make you boring or obsessed. Don’t feel guilty about going down the road of improving your health, hopefully your friends will begin to see your results and then jump in your lane.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and stop feeling guilty.

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