A Guys Guide to the Gym- pt 2.

Posted: November 6, 2015 in health and fitness

From a females perspective  

Ever thought you were hitting it off so well with that girl on the leg press, you and her talked for hours that day at the gym. Now you find yourself trying your hardest to workout near her, so she will notice your gains.  All while she doesn’t seem to notice your existence anymore, and you’re now wondering what did you possibly do.

There are a few critical things that should just never be done at the gym as a male. The things that most guys do and then wonder why the girl you believed you were hitting it off with doesn’t reply to your message when you ask about meeting up at the gym to work out together.

If you keep getting the same reaction and don’t know why, wait no longer; here is the Guys Guide for the untold laws of the gym from a woman’s perspective.


I get it, we all sweat, some more than others- but just because it is a natural bodily function it doesn’t mean I want to be sitting in your sweat or having to worry that when I’m doing my sit-ups, the waterfall that is your t-shirt is going to drench me as you walk past. Use a towel!

Wipe Down the Machines

Again in reference to the sweat, I hardly like walking around the gym in my own sweat let alone having to sit in yours!

Re-Racking Weights

You were man enough to take them out to use them, I’m not sure why putting them back is such a difficult task. If you are having that much trouble, I’m sure one of the girls at front desk wouldn’t mind assisting.

Being a Know It All

If you knew it all I wouldn’t be coming over to correct your form. I know YouTube videos give great instructions, but clearly your ability to follow them isn’t up to par.  A simple thank you would suffice; I don’t need a 5-hour lecture on how my assistance is not needed.


… Need I say more?

Being a Machine Hog.

You’re using the leg press currently; I am walking over to the leg curl. You cannot claim it! Either wait your turn or try a different exercise.

Being Topless

It’s not cute, never was and never will be. Please keep all items of clothing on. Much appreciated by all members and members of staff… We are not at your home, nor are we on a beach, this is a gym (unless of course you look like Tyson Beckford, and then the removal of your shirt it would be greatly appreciated.)

Leaving your Garbage Around

Yes the gym has a custodian, but they are not your personal care taker there to follow and pick up after you, if you use a tissue to blow your nose or wipe off a surface it takes no time to walk over to the garbage and throw the paper away. (Same rules apply to flushing the toilet)

Spending Too Long on a Machine

If there is a time limit on the cardio machine please adhere to it, especially during peak times. If the gym isn’t busy then I can understand of you want to spend a little extra time, but if you can see that there is a line for the treadmill, please follow the rules of the gym to give everyone a chance to workout.

Tagging More than One Machine

This somewhat relates to being a machine hog, except worse, I actually saw this the other day; someone was pushing weights on the gym floor and yet had their towel on another machine. There really is nothing more selfish than this; the gym isn’t your personal space. It is a shared area to be used by many people; you can’t expect to have access to everything as and when you want it. Please be courteous to the other members of the gym. Your workout doesn’t take priority over another’s.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and follow the guys guide to the gym part 2.

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