Talk of Exfoliation

Posted: November 28, 2015 in Beauty

Exfoliation is a skin care remedy that’s been around for a while, I’ve never really been sure what it does apart from give me a mini massage whenever I bathe. But surprisingly there is a lot more to exfoliation than just being on your to-do list whist in the shower.

Here are a few reasons why we all need to start exfoliation on a regular basis.


Improves Skin Tone


Exfoliating your skin helps to improve skin tone because it facilitates the recycling of skin cells by removing layers of dead skin so the healthier skin can replace them. As well as getting rid of dead skin cells exfoliating also helps to remove leftover dirt and makeup to uncover the bright, brand new, you that’s been hiding underneath.


Fights off Signs of Aging


As we age, our wrinkles and fine lines tend to want to reveal themselves, and the dead skin cells don’t help by making them stand out more. Our ability to shed dead skin cells slows down the older we get, so to help prevent the wrinkles and fine lines from standing out more exfoliating helps us age gracefully by removing the old skin cells.


Keeps Skin Clear


Blackheads, whiteheads, spots, pimples, breakouts, whatever it is you get on your face fight them with exfoliation. Exfoliating your skin helps to keep pores clean and free from congestion, when your pores get clogged up with dirt and dead skin cells the oil from your skin gets trapped causing breakouts.  So keep your pores clean and exfoliate your way to clearer skin.


Improved Texture


Do you suffer from rough or dry skin? Exfoliating your skin is a great way to bring it back to life. This process helps to make skin smooth by getting rid of the dead skin cells that refuse to leave the body.


So if you’re anything like me and didn’t really take the exfoliation process that seriously, it’s time to think again. For brighter, younger looking, smoother skin exfoliation is the key

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