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The Secret to a Successful 6 Pack


We hear all the time, working your legs will give you a fine pair of sexy toned legs, working your arms will give you nice strong muscular looking set of arms- working your chest will give you a defined, cut sexy beach ready set of pecs. So working your abs should surely give you that sexy 6-pack you’ve been dreaming of since your late teens right?


Unfortunately doing 1000 sit ups day and night is unlikely to give you that flawless magazine ready set of abs.   The trick to getting that much sought after 6-pack is in fact no trick at all. It really is just hard work, dedication and a lot of patience.


Sadly for a lot of us our 6-pack is there, it is just sitting comfortably, protected by layers and layers of fat, just waiting to make its grand entrance. To get our 6-pack to make its long awaited appearance requires quite a bit of effort, a will to achieve it, combining diet with exercise, but not just any exercise. You would need to do cardio, which of course is everyone’s worst nightmare, but who ever said reaching your goal would be easy?


In order to burn the fat around your stomach cardio is essential to your training program. It is the most efficient way to burn the most calories in the shortest time frame; this is because cardio workouts generally use large muscle groups like your legs and also force you to bear weight. The type of cardio exercise you do doesn’t matter so much, ideally you want to select an activity you enjoy doing such as swimming, walking, running and to ensure you are able to make it a part of your daily routine.


To get our 6-pack to show, we should be doing our cardio sessions for about 45 minutes to an hour most days of the week at a high intensity. Of course if we aren’t able to work out consistently for the whole hour, building our way up to it would be the plan, but make sure you are pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is a must to get the results we desire.


If we are serious about getting this 6-pack, and I believe we are this is where the hard part, dedication and immense will power comes into play. Yes, I am talking about our diet. The days of sitting down on the coach pigging out on potato chips, or going out with our friends for ‘one drink’ that sneakily turns into 12 are over!


To get this much sought after 6-pack, major changes to our diet are required. To increase our metabolism and keep our appetite under control, small, balanced meals should be eaten approximately every 3 hours throughout the day. Any food that is high in calories and fat needs to be burnt, thrown away or forgotten about. So basically anything fried needs to go, fast food, processed meats and refined carbohydrates are all a thing of the past. Now, I’m not saying you will never achieve your 6-pack if you do include these food items into your everyday diet, BUT it will make it that much harder and make it take that much longer.


The foods that need to be included in our new 6-pack focussed diets are nutrient dense foods, anything that is a good source of protein, carbs and healthy fats, such as vegetables, lean meats, fish, beans, whole grains or nuts.


If after our delicious meal of baked skinless chicken breast, quinoa, a side of veg, and nuts for dessert leaves us feeling a little thirsty, our new beverage of choice is of course a glass water, it is functional, not pleasurable- has no calories and it helps to keep you hydrated.


So if you want to get that 6-pack you’ve been asking for before the Crop Over season, I suggest you start working now.


Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and realise the secret to a successful 6-pack is no secret at all.


Is Breakfast really THAT important?


‘Half of the time when I wake in the mornings I am so rushed that breakfast is the last thing on my mind.’


‘If I am trying to lose weight, surely eating less is better than eating more’

‘I don’t usually get hungry until mid-day anyway, and my health seems to be pretty intact, so is breakfast really that much of a big deal?’


Do any of these excuses sound familiar to you?


These are all stories we tell ourselves, while avoiding having to sit down for 15 minutes to eat some breakfast. Although those excuses above may sound plausible in theory, eating breakfast is actually quite important.



While you sleep, your body releases glucose, a substance is stored in your muscle tissues and liver to keep your blood sugar levels stable, so essentially your body is continuously working without any sustenance for the duration of your sleep.    Glucose is your main energy source; it fuels your brain and your body, so replenishing these stores after ‘fasting’ for 12 hours is important to supply your body with the energy it needs to function properly throughout the day and fight fatigue.


Even though yes, you would be able to make it to the next meal without eating anything, topping up your body first thing in the morning is essential to maintaining your vitamin and mineral levels in a healthy range. It is important that we provide our bodies with the vitamins and minerals in needs to ensure proper growth and maintenance, bone strength, and a healthy immune system. Those who regularly eat breakfast are more likely to meet their daily nutrient requirements than those who don’t; those who eat breakfast also generally tend to eat less fat throughout the day, which helps maintain a healthy weight range.


You also get a large portion of your body’s nutrients in breakfast, the cereal we eat is generally rich in fibre, if its fruits we have they are packed with minerals and eggs are an amazing source of protein, and shake is a good blend of everything.


So before you decide that getting those 15 extra minutes of sleep is more important than having some breakfast, remember that is it quite an important meal.


Breakfast helps to kick starts your day, control weight, replenishes any nutrients that have been lost throughout the night and can help you perform better during the day.


Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and remember to eat your breakfast.


Keep Active at Work

Back to work after the long bank holiday weekend, back to sitting at your desk for 8 hours then going home with no energy to hit up the gym for a work out. We all know how important it is to keep active, but if you can’t find the time to spare 30 minutes after work, try to keep active while you are at work with these quick work style exercises.

Bathroom Squats

Every time you go to the bathroom try to do 20 squats. You may not think it’s a lot at first, but trust me it adds up, keeping those legs toned and that heart rate up. By the end of the day you may be close to 200 squats and not even realise.

(Make sue you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day).

The Stair Climber

The machine we all love to hate at the gym; taking the stairs is a great way to sneak in some exercise while you’re at work. Instead of waiting on the elevator, the stairs will get you where you need to go while burning a few extra calories. Try aiming for 2 at a time to feel an extra burn.

The Chair Dip

Yes, we normally used a bench or a box at the gym, but dips are dips. Every half hour see if you can sneak in 10 tricep dips. By the end of the day you would have gotten in a full arm workout and not even broken a sweat!

The Walk Around

Sitting down for too long isn’t good for anyone, get up every once in a while and go for a walk, even if it is just from one side of the room to the other, every little helps. Not to mention that walking around breaks up the boredom and monotony from sitting at your desk and staring at the computer all day long.

The Seated Crunch

Sit-ups are usually done lying down, but there’s no law against altering an exercise for the greater good. While you are sitting on the chair, get a tight grip at the sides and raise both legs off the ground towards your stomach. After doing about 15 of these you will swear you feel the 6-pack starting to form.

Alternate between these, the bathroom squats and the chair dips every half hour and you almost have a full-body session while at work.

Keeping active can’t only be something we do when we ‘find the time’; it has to be embedded into our daily routine. So exercising at work is a great way to get rid of everyone’s favourite excuse ‘ I have no time’.

Try sharing these quick and easy work exercises with your colleagues, and before you know it, everyone will be in on the fun.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and don’t find the time to keep active, make the time.


7 Unexpected Things That Happened When I Exercised


When we begin our exercise journey it’s a different experience for everyone, we are all out of our comfort zone, going through many different thoughts and emotions; from excitement to fear, uncertainty, hope even anxiety.   We are not really sure what is going to happen, everyone always says that exercise makes you feel happier and healthier but what about the things that people don’t tell you about?


  1. You Can Take on the World


Now I don’t mean you will want to take on the world in a fight, although you will definitely be stronger, so fighting the world may actually be possible. But what I mean is you will be ready to take on the world, you will have more energy, more confidence, you will begin to feel like anything is possible and nothing can get in your way- even if it tried. The girl that would once struggle to climb up the stairs without feeling tired can now do a minute worth of burpees without stopping. Having all of these different accomplishments with your health that you once deemed impossible gives you a whole new outlook on the world. It is now yours to take, and make of it what you want.


  1. Competition Becomes Irrelevant


The fact that Sally has run 3 marathons and has a killer body used to bother you, but now all that consumes your mind is that yesterday you reached your personal best on the chest press, what’s next. Who cares what anyone else is doing or has done; you are paving your own way, making improvements everyday. You are your only competition, and the only thing that matters is being better than you were yesterday.



  1. Stopped Focussing on my Flaws


Looking in the mirror used to bring you down, all you could see was what was wrong, wishing you could change everything about yourself, wanting to lose inches here, and tone up there.

But now when you look in the mirror it fills you with excitement and hope, all you see are the improvements you’ve made, and how far you’ve come. Instead of wishing and wanting you could, you have now actually lost inches here and toned up there. You no longer dwell on the negative, you can now look at yourself and be happy with what you see because you know you are only going in one direction, and that is up!



  1. I didn’t Get Muscular I got Toned


A lot of women fear that once they begin exercising they will get huge, start to look like a man and become undesirable. But once you start to work out, you soon realise that this doesn’t happen at all. Instead of getting big, you get sexy. When you start to get a little definition in your legs and wear your best pair of high heels, it’ll be your legs getting all the attention not the heels. You don’t jiggle anymore, the fat that was once there has been replaced by a little definition, which makes you look sexy, healthy and fit!


  1. Way More Productive


Waking up to get ready for work used to be a struggle, let alone actually having to sit there for 8 hours and keep focussed. Now that you’ve started to exercise falling asleep during work is a thing of the past, you find that you are a lot more alert and have way more energy now. Being able to focus on projects ensures that you to get them done with accuracy, efficiency and to the best of your ability, allowing you to get more work done throughout the day. Keeping up with this great work ethic and you never know, there may be a promotion waiting for you around the corner!


  1. Actually Wanting to Eat Healthy


In the pre- exercise days, the choice between having a chocolate or a banana used to be a no brainer, 9 times out of 10 chocolate would be the pick. But now you have started to exercise you have begun to notice a difference in your food choices. It is no longer a chore to eat salad instead of the burger and fries, when you’re in the supermarket you no longer browse the snack isle, instead you are in the ‘health foods’ section seeing what new health foods are there to try out. You are now bringing fruit and nuts to work instead of running over to Purity for a jam puff. Eating healthy is now a way of life for you instead of a burden that is on your shoulders, counting down the days until the cheat day.




  1. Blood Pressure Decreased


Everyone always says you should exercise to help decrease blood pressure, and it’s true. Regular exercise makes your heart stronger which allows it to pump more blood around the body with less effort and therefore generating less force on your arteries, lowering your blood pressure. Aerobic exercises are the best, like walking, swimming or cycling, try working out at a moderate intensity for 30 minutes, 5 days a week for success.


Beat Breakouts with Exercise


The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar business taking advantage of our deepest insecurities by promoting beauty ideals that are almost impossible to achieve. We see the models on TV with prefect bodies and flawless skin, not considering that they are actually photo-shopped, retouched and alerted beyond reason- and yet we still endeavor to resemble these fictional characters.


The adverts and beauty magazines we see only encourage everyone to become so consumed with their appearance, and is forcing us to constantly strive towards unrealistic ideas of perfect. We somehow believe if we buy the foundation or skin crème the models are using that will begin our journey to perfection.


Some people go as far as to getting medication, even cosmetic surgery to achieve this flawless look, and with hundreds of beauty products on the market promising unblemished skin, firming, toning and brightening, it is hardly recognized that there is another method out there that can help promote these ideals of beauty with out going to the extremes.


Instead of spending hundreds every year on cleansers, toners and exfoliators, why not just start to workout? Exercising is a natural, free and effective way to help combat any issues you may have with your skin, especially when it comes to ageing.


Looking young seems to be in fashion lately, but getting older, unfortunately is inevitable. As you age your skin begins to wrinkle, this is because it is losing collagen. Collagen is one of the components responsible for the elasticity in the skin, which plumps it up and gives you a younger, more vibrant look.


As the collagen begins to fade, wrinkles begin to appear. Instead of breaking the bank and getting collagen implants, exercise is an easier, cheaper and safer way to promote collagen in the skin cells. This means instead of paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars to get Botox or a face-lift, exercising can help to give you that natural youthful look we all want.


Blemishes are another major skin concern for a lot of people, and many of us avoid exercise because we think that sweating can bring about acne flare-ups. The truth is that sweating flushes out the impurities in the skin, cleaning out the skins pores, vigorous exercise can even correct hormonal imbalances that could trigger pimple formation, therefore reducing the likelihood of breakouts altogether.


Stress is also another factor that can spark a breakout, although research is still being done on the link between the skin and stress. Studies have shown that the stress hormone influences the gland that produces oil in the skin. Excess oil in the skin can lead to blemishes and acne flare-ups, therefore incorporating exercise into your daily routine can help reduce your breakouts by lowering stress levels.


So the next time you have exams coming up or an important deadline to meet, remember that doubling up on that spot crème isn’t going to give you any relief. Completing a good weight training session, or Zumba class is a better way to help to lower stress levels, and therefore potentially combat the potential stress related acne epidemic from occurring.


Having a natural glow is also essential when it comes to achieving that flawless appearance. If you’ve ever wondered how the make up artists get that dewy, natural glow effect, you’ve watched all the YouTube tutorials, spent hours trying to replicate that revived, fresh look and just cant quite figure it out. Wait no longer, all you need to do is start working out.


Exercising also helps with the underlying color and tone of the skin by giving your skin a healthy glow, so you will have no more use for blush in the make-up bag! As you exercise your heart rate goes up and circulates more blood and oxygen to the skin. As the blood goes to the surface of the skin it brings nutrients and removes toxins, while the oxygen helps to repair any damage that has been done to your skin. This is one of the reasons why your skin looks healthy and radiant after a good workout.



So if you are looking for that fresh faced, youthful, flawless appearance, close your lap top, lace up your shoes and instead of trying to cover up those blemishes and using makeup to emulate a natural glow, why not go out and run for it?


Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and exercise for perfection.



Why Aren’t I Changing


So, you are re-starting your exercise journey for the 5th time and this time you promise not to quit!

I can understand the frustration it brings when you believe you are training your heart out, but aren’t getting anywhere. So you think the only option you have is to just give up- because if nothing is changing, what’s the point, right?

This logic seems to make sense, that is until you see yourself putting on those extra pounds, and then decide its time to start exercising again, only to give up a few months later.

Before you continue this never-ending stop-start cycle, consider why you started working out in the first place, you want to lose weight, you want to feel healthier, you want to be able to go to the doctor without him mentioning your weight, you want to go the beach and feel confident, you want to be able to run around with your kids without getting tired. What ever your reasoning to start was, make sure you remind yourself everyday of why you’re not going to quit.

Just because you are not seeing the results as quickly as you’d like it doesn’t mean nothing is happening. There are many mistakes people make when working out that can lead to not seeing results and here are a few of them:

  1. Not training enough

Just because you have a gym membership, doesn’t mean the lbs. will start falling off. For you to get your desired look you need to work for it. Make sure every session at the gym you are giving it your all. If you find that you have enough time to have a nice conversation with the person next to you on the treadmill, or check out what new outfits are being worn in the gym today, this means you’re not working hard enough! If you find it hard to motivate yourself try a class to get the push you need, or taking part in a personal training session is another great way to get the most out of your time.

  1. Training too much

I bet you’re thinking how can you train too much- but actually over training may be the reason you’re not seeing the results you desire. Resting your body is just as important as working out itself. As you rest, your muscles get a chance to repair and rebuild. Skipping rest days can even set back your progress by making you more prone to injury, because you’re not giving yourself adequate time to recover. But if you find that you really can’t keep away from the gym, try some light cardio or some yoga to give you that gym fix you’re craving.

  1. Diet

Have you ever heard the saying ‘you can’t out run a bad diet’? This is incredibly true, it doesn’t matter how hard you work out for that hour of the day, if for the other 23 you are fuelling yourself with excessive junk food, alcohol and pastry, you are not going to get anywhere near your goal. So switch up the refined foods for whole grains, change the fried for boiled and make sure you’re getting in plenty of greens.

  1. Consistency is key

Not making it to the gym as often as you should is detrimental to any long-term goals you may have. Saying you are going to train for Crop Over then coming into the gym 5 times this week, once next week, and 2 times the week after isn’t going to cut it. I understand we all have busy lives, but scheduling time for your health, wellbeing, and long-term fitness goal needs to take priority over that Netflix marathon.

Doing the same routine over… and over… and over…

Not progressing your workouts is a sure fire way to not see a difference in your appearance. Once your body becomes accustomed to the routine you are doing you will find it becomes a lot easier, at the beginning of the session, you used to experience severe DOMS, but now it is more of a gentle tingle. Running that 3k used to have you gasping for air, but now you feel like you could go another 3 without breaking a sweat. Its time to increase the intensity and get your body to challenge itself again, don’t fall into the trap of always doing the same thing, make sure you are constantly progressing and pushing yourself, so that you will continue to get the results you are after.


So the next time you decide you want to give up because you don’t think you are losing the weight you want or reaching your goal. Make sure that you are actually working out the right way; take the time to track your progression, so you know what is working for you. Don’t fall into the trap of always doing the same thing, so that when you reach a plateau you know it’s time to change up the intensity of the routine. Don’t give up, fitness doesn’t discriminate, as long as you are doing the work you will get the results.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and don’t give up.


10 Easy Life-Improving Tips


Thinking of ways to start your health journey and wondering how you are going to start making those changes towards a happier healthier life can be a little daunting, especially if you have not tried before and have no idea of how or where to start.


We often get a little turned off of trying to live a healthier life thinking that we would have to give up our favourite foods or start going to the gym 24/7 to show improvements, but there is an easier way. There are little quick tips and tricks you can do throughout the day to help improve your health, fitness and general wellbeing without even realising it.



  1. No salt


We often use salt to make food taste better or give it a little flavour, but for that temporary pleasure we are actually causing an increase to our blood pressure. The amount of salt you eat has a direct affect on your blood pressure. The higher your blood pressure, the greater the strain on your heart, arteries and kidneys, which can cause heart attacks and strokes. So to help keep our blood pressure in the healthy, safe zone try to avoid salt altogether. Your food may taste awful for a while but eventually you will adjust.




  1. No snacking


The number one weight gain culprit is snacking. Most of us fall victim to this relentless tormentor without even realising it until we are about 15 pounds heavier and trying to figure out where we went wrong. Picking at that chocolate bar throughout the day, following it up with a tiny piece of cake after lunch and then relaxing with a bowl of ice- cream after dinner all adds up eventually. No mater how many salads we track ourselves eating to keep healthy, its what we don’t register eating that does the most damage.


  1. Park far/ Getting off the Bus Early


Walking is perhaps the most basic and easiest form of exercise anyone can do, and yet so many people complain when they have to walk a few feet to do anything. So now it’s time to start being proactive with living healthy. Parking further away from the supermarket, or getting off the bus a stop early will not only force you to take a couple extra steps, but will help jump start your healthy living habits. You might think taking those extra steps won’t count for anything, but just like the chocolates and cakes- every little adds up, no matter how insignificant we believe it to be.


  1. Wash Your Car


As I’ve mentioned so many times before, it’s the small things that add up, and starting with this small act is definitely one to add to the list. You may not even realise it, but washing your car is a workout in itself. The scrubbing, the lifting, the bending, the wiping, the drying, the polishing, the checking and re-checking, the dusting, the vacuuming and finally adding the new air freshener. Is all hard work, doing this once a week may not be as strenuous as a session of weights in the gym but it will help with keeping you active and healthy without even realising it.


  1. Taking the Steps


No more escalators, elevators, ramps or slides, its time to start taking the steps, no matter what floor it is on, no matter what you have to carry or how tired you are. It’s time to start taking the steps in the right direction, and there’s no better way to start than with STEPS. At first it may be a struggle, but eventually walking up and down those flights of stairs will feel like a breeze and you will be looking for excuses just to walk up and down because you like the feeling it gives you. Slightly winded but still full of energy.


  1. No fast food


Easier said than done for sure, fast food as anyone that knows me will tell you is my vice. BUT cutting this out will not only help to spare your health but it will also spare your pocket. Buying fast food is practically the same as flushing your money down the toilet and then going to drink from the bowl. It is not only a huge waste of money but it also has no value for money either. Fast food brings no health benefits whatsoever, they are usually loaded with salt, fat, grease just waiting to clog up your arteries and cause an early heart attack.



  1. Sleeping more!


No, this doesn’t mean calling into work sick and spending all day in bed getting your beauty rest. But sleeping the recommended 8 hours a night could do a world of good for you. Sleeping more helps lower stress levels, improve attention span, improve memory, help repair blood vessels, and build and repair muscles.



  1. Drink water


We always say we don’t have the time to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day but yet we walk around with bottles of soda and box juice without a second thought. Drinking more water brings a number of benefits to the body; it flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells, prevents dehydrated which causes lack of energy and makes you tired. So for more energy and better overall performance- drink more water!



  1. No more alcohol


Drinking excessive alcohol doesn’t do any favours for the body, not only is alcohol dead calories that can lead to weight gain, without providing any nutritious benefits. It also messes with your hormonal and inflammatory responses to exercise, making it more difficult for y our body to repair damaged proteins and build new ones, so if you’re trying to put on size- avoid the tequila shots.



  1. Standing on the scale


The number one weight loss mistake most people tend to follow is standing on the scale. It not only depresses you and potentially demotivates you, but using your weight as a way of measuring progress is not very accurate. As you work out you do lose weight, but you also gain muscle so you may find that while actually your weight isn’t moving your body fat percentage is. And it’s the fat you are trying to get rid of, so to help practise healthy and driven weight loss methods- avoid stepping on the scale.



Beach Please


5 Rules to Look Beach Ready at all Times

Living on an island the beach is always a couple footsteps away, you never know when there may be a spontaneous beach lime and there’s nothing worse than being unprepared. Follow these 5 easy steps to remain beach ready at all times!


Of course this is the obvious one, keeping yourself shaven and tidy at all times is a must. Especially when you have those last minute pop-up beach plans- the last thing you want to be doing is spending 10 minutes searching for a razor and another 10 making sure everything is neat and tidy.

If shaving causes bumps, then try to shave in the direction that your hair grows, waxing is another option or hair removal cream also does the trick.


Lotion! Keeping moisturised is very important. It helps to keep your skin hydrated and looking healthy. You don’t want to be on the beach with all your friends looking so ashy that they ask you to start the fire for the BBQ by rubbing your legs together…Eek! Keeping moisturized also has long term benefits of keep you looking younger for longer by delaying the onset of wrinkles.

Work Out


Exercising, working-out, keeping active, what ever you want to call it, keeping fit is a must. You don’t want to be on the beach feeling like you have to cover up because you don’t feel comfortable in your swimming suit. A combination of cardio and weight training will surely keep your body looking sexy at all times.

(If you need help on what to do or where to start- check out the Faceoffitness246 weekly routine)


Drink Water

For keeping your skin looking flawless and hydrated drinking water is the best way to go. It helps to flush out toxins, and if your skin is not getting the sufficient amount of water, the lack of hydration will result in making your skin dry, tight and flaky which would make it more prone to wrinkling. So for a radiant, wrinkle free glow. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

Sun Tan Lotion


No matter how accustomed you believe you are to the sun, using sun tan lotion is essential to keeping your skin burn free. Sun tan lotion also helps prevent skin discoloration, the development of wrinkles, and premature aging skin. So to keep yourself looking unblemished, and wrinkle free make sure you keep lathered up at all times- not just when going to the beach.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and look beach ready at all times!


Beach Please

The fitness edition

Living on an island is great; we have fun, sun, rum, and parties- not to mention the beach, who would want to be anywhere else?

7 body weight exercises to look beach ready at all times

No gym required

  • Squat

The squat is one of the best exercises we can do; it essentially works your whole body. But what I’m predominantly concerned with is getting a great pair legs and a fabulous glutes. The squat helps to build, lift, tone and tighten, and lets face it, when trying to look sexy in our two piece having sexy legs and a toned rear end is all we need. So make sure you are having squats for breakfast, lunch and dinner, to get the sexy tones legs and ample bottom you desire.

  • Sit-Ups

You don’t want the only 6 pack you are carrying around next summer to be the beers you picked up from the gas station. If you want to get those washboard abs (which you do), the only way to realistically achieve this is of course is by training your core. Sit-ups will help strengthen, tone and define your stomach, which will of course have all of the girls’ heads turning when you are posing at the beach. Who has ever said no to a guy with a flat sexy well defined, toned set of abs and a nice smile?

  • Tricep Dips

When you say A you have to say B, some ladies love a nice toned flat stomach, but if you’re anything like me, a set of strong, keep me safe hold me tight arms is all I need. And working your triceps is definitely the way to go, adding some triceps dips into the mix will definitely have you looking like beach body perfection. You can’t have a sexy chest, flat stomach and then stick arms to go with it. So start dipping men!

Standing Calf Raise

Most men are notorious for skipping leg day, and the smallest muscle on your legs is unquestionably the one that suffers the most. Make sure you work your calves whenever you get the chance!

Jumping Jacks


Cardio, cardio, cardio, I know a lot of us hate it, but it is an important component of fitness. It doesn’t only keep your heart and lungs functioning properly, it also helps keep the fat off. So if you do want to show off that six pack- cardio, if you want to look toned, lean and ripped- cardio. Basically the less body fat you have the more your muscles will be able to show themselves off. So sorry my friend, but cardio is very important.

Push Ups


The Push-up does wonders for upper body conditioning, the primary muscles involved are your chest and triceps, so for a killer set of arms and a sexy looking chest, this is the exercise for you. It can be done anywhere, anytime, with no equipment needed, and you can increase intensity by adding many different variations; incline, decline, diamond. So when it comes to having a nice set of pecs and toned, firm arms the push up is the best way to go.


The burpee is the most hated of all the exercises, but it is an amazing tool to have in your arsenal, you can do them anywhere, with not much space is required and you are sure to get a good sweat on once you start. It’s a great cardio and full body strength exercise, working your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs. So if you are really thinking about conditioning your body, losing some weight and increasing your strength for the beach, the bupree is the exercise for you.


Types of Gym Users pt 2

Warning: Article contains strong opinions that some readers may find offensive and/or disturbing. Not for the weak at heart or sense of humour-less. This article is inspired by true events however characters and entities depicted are fictional, any resemblance or similarity to your own actions are purely coincidental.


The Crossfitter


Always talks about his Crossfit box, wears his boxes apparel everywhere he goes, probably doesn’t own other forms of clothing. Walks, talks, breathes and sweats Crossfit, nothing is ever hard enough. Who are these people working out on their own? The Crossfitter isn’t used to such individual work, he needs the approval and praise from a crowd to be able to function. The Crossfitter may join a regular gym temporarily, but you will find that eventually he will fizzle out because the classes don’t offer handstand push-ups and ‘a workout just isn’t a workout without handstand push-ups’.





The follower


Possibly the most annoying type of gym member, ‘the Follower’ isn’t a regular at the gym so therefore has no idea what to do, and instead of asking one of the trainers for some assistance, the follower decides that today, you are his trainer. Everything you do he does, every machine you use he’s got next, and to top it off he’s quite clever at keeping a good distance so its not so obvious from an onlookers point of view, but you can just feel his lurking eyes in your direction. Sadly you can’t confront ‘the Follower’ as there is no actual proof of his stalker ways, so just suck it up and accept that imitation is often the most sincere form of flattery.



The predator


Likes the idea of a gym for health and fitness, but in the Predators mind, the gym is a place for hunting. You will find him either at the back of a class or always in front of a mirror to survey the area. The predator isn’t usually so obvious, he’ll start off with a ‘Hi, how is your day?’ and then when you get confortable around him is when he’ll pounce. Often hard to spot, because his aim is not to get caught, so you really need to keep on your toes when the predator is in the vicinity.


The Crossfitter


Always talks about his Crossfit box, even wears his boxes apparel into the gym. Walks, talks, breathes and sweats Crossfit, nothing is ever hard enough. Who are these people working out on their own? The Crossfitter isn’t used to such individual work, he needs the approval and praise from a crowd to be able to function. The Crossfitter may join a regular gym temporarily, but you will find that eventually he will fizzle out because the classes don’t offer handstand push-ups and ‘a workout just isn’t a workout without handstand push-ups’.


The Hoverer/ the Newbie


Something like the follower but a little more bearable, you often find this trait in newer members as they get given a set program and are sticking to it, no deviations. So if you happen to be on the machine he needs to use, consider your personal space as invaded. The hoverer will stick up under that machine until you are done. No if buts ands or maybes.


The gossip


Always on her phone, not paying attention to anything that’s going on. The only thing that may capture this member’s attention is if the fire alarm goes off, and they can’t hear their phone anymore.


The Barbie


This girl looks the part, fresh shoes, pretty coloured tights, matching crop top, hair done, nails never chipped and make up flawless. The Barbie is about as fake as it gets, comes in the gym to go on the stepper or do classes. But I use the term ‘do classes’ loosely. The Barbie is usually very beautiful which makes her presence known with very little effort, and this is exactly how she proceeds in the classes- with very little effort. Never really does any work and doesn’t believe she has to because ‘pretty girls don’t get fat, right?’


The couple


Possibly the cutest thing you will ever see in the gym, always coming in together, giggling and making googly eyes at each other. The couple are generally hard workers because they joined to get fit together and really push and motivate each other.





He may not be a CEO, he may not even have a job, but this man is important. It doesn’t matter if there is a line to check in, The CEO is pushing his way to the front so that he can be seen to. The CEO doesn’t do classes because that’s ‘too mainstream’ for him. Always seemingly busy but with nowhere to really go, usually stays on the cardio equipment because he’s too proud to ask for assistance on the weights. But don’t get in the CEO’s way because he’ll be sure to push you down to get ahead.


The gym buddy


Never comes without his gym partner, this is the bromance version to ‘the Couple’. Always working out together to push and motivate each other. One is generally more experienced than the other so often spends most of his time explaining the exercise as apposed to actually doing it, but never loses patience.


The Alpha


Every gym has one; the Alpha has already paid his dues, usually the oldest member of the gym, struts around the place scoping out the newbies, looking for the weak link to pick at. The Alpha came from the old days of pumping serious iron, and taking steroids, the Alpha believes that men should be men (whatever that means), he means no harm really, but has seen it all, new gym owners, new management, new equipment, the Alpha was there from inception so nothing, and no one is above him.



Types of Gym Users

Warning: Article contains strong opinions that some readers may find offensive and/or disturbing. Not for the weak at heart or sense of humour-less. This article is inspired by true events however characters and entities depicted are fictional, any resemblance or similarity to your own actions are purely coincidental.




The Gazelle


Something like a gazelle at a watering hole, always grazing. You have never actually seen this person lift a weight, but they are always at the gym at the peak time, with the same after work crowd that you are. Maybe they pay their membership for the free fountain water, but who’s complaining at least they are not taking up space on the gym floor.


The Poser/ Show Off


Unlike ‘The Gazelle’, this character is always on the gym floor taking up space. They are also there with the same after-work peak time crowd as you, but you are convinced they sneak in a workout before the rush just to come in and pose.   As you have never actually seen them do any work, and yet they always look so good, outfit on point, fresh shoes and just effortlessly standing there with the body that you are working so hard to achieve. As annoying as they are, I guess it serves as motivation to push yourself to be able to achieve poser status one day.



The Machine Hog


This person is not only taking up space, but they are taking up space everywhere! No matter where you go, they always seem to be going there too. Its hard to get a workout in with ‘the machine hog’ present. Good thing this person generally isn’t a regular gymer. They typically believe they have to hog all the machine is because 1) they are more important than you and 2) they don’t know when they will be back in, so are trying to get everything done at once.


So when you see the gym hog present, just steer clear of all fixed machines and make that day a free weight day. This avoids awkward tension, and them standing over you staring you down with that disgruntled expression as if you kidnapped their puppy.



The Slacker


Hardly comes in, but when they do, they know just how to slack with the best of them, walking on the treadmill at less than 0 mph with a gradient of 1% (to make them feel like they are working) looking around at everyone working hard. This person never gets the results they desire and just cannot understand why.


The Over Achiever


The complete opposite to the slacker, always in the gym, in every class, uses every machine, stays longer than everyone else and still hasn’t managed to reach their goal. Hovering gently above the over training zone, so doesn’t actually show any signs or symptoms of overtraining but definitely doesn’t give his body enough time to rest.


The know it all


Never worked in a gym, never had a trainer that went over technique guidelines, never underwent any formal fitness training, (unless you call YouTube and formal) and yet feels they have the authority to correct and dictate what everyone else should be doing. Try to avoid at all costs, chances are that they are so convincing you will believe what they are saying and end up with a slipped disc.



The Complainer


Doesn’t matter if you go out of your way to get this person into their favourite class, just the mere fact that there was a potential possibility they may not get into it is enough to set them off. This person is the classic user of the phrase ‘I pay my membership so I should get anything and everything I want’. If this is you, I must apologise for your misguided opinion that someone is out to get you, if you come in at the latter end of the peak time, you aren’t likely to get a locker. We are not intentionally trying to make your life unbearable by letting the persons that got into the gym before you, get into the class you wanted to do. It really is just the luck of the draw.


The Addict


Doesn’t matter what time you go, which location you attend or how often you are there. This person could as well be staff. The addict is very pleasant, always puts their weights back to try and keep the gym tidy, knows everyone in the gym and gets along with everyone as if they are family, because lets face it- they have made the gym their home.


The Talker


Never a dull moment with this person around, although can be annoying at times, the talker generally stays at the front desk, so rarely gets in the way of actual gym users. But they always have something to say, you may be having a conversation with your pastor, if the talker is around he will chime in and give his unwarranted opinion too.


The Perfect Member


This mythical creature has never actually been spotted, rumours arose around late 2014 that this type actually existed, but is yet to be confirmed. It has been said that ‘The Perfect Member’ pays gym fees on time, attends classes and gives it his all, also doesn’t stress if the class is full when he arrives. Often seen putting back not only his weights but also other weights around him too, and is always available to spot if asked. If spotted please contact your nearest front desk to verify the claim.

What’s on the Other Side of My Excuses?



You name it; I’ve heard it- people think of the most creative, most interesting and sometimes most unbelievably humorous reasons as to why they do not exercise. But it all boils down to the same thing- an excuse is an excuse. The fear of the unknown, the fear of failure, fear of success or just plain fear is what stops a great deal of people from attaining their goal.


In most life situations having a certain level of fear is acceptable, because in most instances the chance of a good outcome is as likely as having a bad outcome. Whether it is trying to reach your full potential, get your dream job, dream car or even dream partner, being cautious, and testing the waters before jumping in headfirst is a definite necessity in some cases.


However, this need we have to be careful and wary does not apply to your health and fitness.


Your whole life you have spent making excuses as to why you didn’t apply for that job, why you didn’t take that internship, or why you didn’t approach that girl. This uncertainty and excuse making culture has now transferred over to how you deal with your health and it is time to stop making up excuses. There are no drawbacks, downsides or negative outcomes when it comes to looking after your health, so stop making up excuses as to why not, and start thinking about why you should.


On the other end of your excuses is a whole new world just waiting to be explored, dropping that excess body fat and wearing that dress you’ve been eye-balling for years. Being able to run that 5k for breast cancer to show support for a loved one. Being able to pick up your grand kids while you play with them for the first time. Telling yourself you cannot is only holding yourself back from what you can.


Why live a life of second thoughts, doubts and regret- on the other side of your excuses you will find just what you’ve been searching for. You will have more energy, more confidence, become more secure, you will be happier, live longer, live better, feel better, be stronger, be fitter, feel sexier, be healthier.  There is nothing but positivity on the other end of your excuses.


It doesn’t matter how tired you say you are, how little time you believe you have or how unable you think you are, there is always a place to start when it comes to keeping fit. Getting up on a morning and doing 10 jumping jacks is a start, keep adding 10 every week and by the end of the month you will be doing 40 jacks with ease, and all before breakfast.


Being able to finally get out of bed and be full of energy, rejuvenated and ready to start the day will become the norm, you will now start seeing life full of possibilities. When you stop making excuses and start to exercise the world becomes yours.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and find out what awaits you on the other side of your excuses


An at Work Must Read

Stick to your Healthy Habits At Work

You must admit that being at work is the worst place to try and stick to any health related promises you have made to yourself.

There is no support system like you would get at home, offices are usually surrounded by fast food options, and there is always that ONE guy that has to pull out your favourite chocolate bar from the snack draw to goad you.

Here are a few easy tips to help you stick to your healthy habits throughout the work day.

1) Stay strong and remember why you started your workout journey.  Remember it doesn’t matter if you go to the gym every day, if you cannot control what goes into your mouth then you will not see any results.  Diet is a major factor when aiming towards any fitness goal.

2) Bring in your own food, but if that is not an option, try to eat the healthiest thing around you. Broil, Boil, Bake, Steam or Grill.

3) Go to re-fill your water bottle, even if it’s not empty, it will break up the monotony of sitting at your desk dreaming of food.

4) Actually drink the water you just replenished. Drinking water helps ease of any hunger you may be feeling, so drink up!

5) Always have your snack available to pick on; this is so that you have no temptation of going in that awful snack draw to satisfy any cravings.  Bring a bag from home of about 22 raw peanuts, or if that doesn’t seem like enough try 62 eating pistachio nuts; this is about the equivalent of 200 calories to help you throughout the day.

Disclaimer: Do not bring the entire container thinking that you can limit yourself; you will probably end up eating the whole packet- which defeats the purpose.

6) Preparation is key, if you can bring your meals to work, cook enough to last you a couple of days, or the entire week if possible. Separate them after the meal has been prepared, this will avoid any last minute morning rush and the forever excuse of “I have no time”. All you have to do is open the fridge door, pick out your container for the day and go!

Simple. Easy. Effective.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted with a few quick tips to help you through your day.

Spot Check: Losing Fat in Your Trouble Area

Everybody has those one or two problem areas that cause them the most pain and discomfort.  Now, I am not referring to actual physical pain- but the type of pain you come across when you look in the mirror and it hurts you emotionally to see that extra bit of fat hanging over your trousers. Or the pain that is brought to you when you lift up your arm to grab something and the fat doesn’t seem to stop moving, even when your arm does; yes I’m talking about those annoying bingo wings that just wont go away!

Wouldn’t life be great if we could spot check our weight loss, and only lose the weight in those one or two problem areas that cause us the most grief?

This would be an amazing concept, and would probably cut the weight loss process in half, but unfortunately, this is not possible; not unless you are currently in the waiting room to unadvisedly undergo liposuction that is.

Weight loss is unfortunately one of those things that your body has complete control over deciding which location it wants to remove the fat from. Although you may believe that doing those 100 crunches a day will get rid of your belly- this sadly isn’t the case.

Studies have shown that working a particular area does not remove the fat from that specific location, this is because muscle cells cannot directly use fat as a source of energy. The fat cells must be broken down into glycerol and free fatty acids which enter the bloodstream, therefore the fat that is broken down can come from any part of the body and not just the area being worked.

Another reason we are unable to spot check our weight loss is because the exercises generally involved in targeting specific areas of the body cannot burn the amount of calories needed to lose any substantial amount of weight.

Baring in mind that 1 pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calorie’s, you would have to do an awful lot of sit ups to be able to burn any noticeable level of fat in that particular area, if it were even possible.

Now don’t get me wrong, sit ups are a great way to strengthen your abs and give you a more defined look, but sadly even if you were to do 500 sit ups a day, without combining it with a healthy diet or any other form of exercise, it will not help to remove the fat from around your stomach.

If you really want to lose weight in those problem areas, the best way to do so is by losing weight overall. The more weight you lose, the more you’re likely going to lose it from your specific area of choice. Jogging for an hour everyday is more likely to shed those unwanted pounds than doing 100 sit-ups. This is because moderate intensity cardiovascular workouts are a much more efficient calorie-burner.

Even though weight training does help aid weight loss, and it is important to maintain your muscle mass as this is the only way to achieve a sexy defined look. Getting involved in a moderate intensity cardiovascular workout is definitely the best way to reap the greatest results when it comes to weight loss.

So if you were hoping that all you had to do was a couple sit-ups to lose the fat around your stomach, sorry to tell you that weight loss involves a little more effort that that. Maintaining a balanced diet, combined with strength and cardio workouts are the best and healthiest ways to help remove any unwanted weight from your problem areas. Keep this up and it will allow you to be able to eventually look in that mirror and forget about the pain you used to experience, and replace it with a smile.

Become the face of fitness you desire and start to attack the fat with a balanced program today!

The Walk of Shame

When starting any fitness journey, walking is generally the 1st thing most people have to do. It is easy, we are all familiar with the concept, its practically injury free and doesn’t require much skill. It is the foundation on which most of our health and fitness is generated and yet people seem to be so embarrassed to start with a walk.

Not starting your exercise journey because you are not ‘good at it’, and unable to walk for long distances is something many are familiar with. If they cannot run a 5k, they will not even attempt to walk it. We seem to be a nation that wants to run before we can walk- quite literally, and this is doing no favours for our health.

There is no shame in taking the time to build up our fitness level, no one was born running a marathon. These feats take a great deal of time, practise, dedication, and all began with a simple step. We need to get rid of the notion that just because we are not ‘good at it’ we will not attempt it, your fitness level cannot improve if you do not begin somewhere.

Starting off with walking is definitely the most convenient and safest form of exercise. It can be done anywhere at any time, there is no need for specialised equipment and there are not many other exercises that you can do while catching up on all of the latest gossip with your best friend.

Walking for 30 minutes 5 days a week will make a huge difference to your energy levels. You will eventually find yourself being able to run for part of the distance, and ultimately running the whole thing will be as easy as a walk in the park. However, we will be unable get to this point if we are not willing to start off with the first step- there is no such thing as a walk of shame.

So become the face of fitness you want and begin your exercise journey today-with a walk.

How to Get a Girls Attention

Lets be honest now guys, you spend hours in the gym, working on every individual muscle to get your body looking sexy to try and impress the ladies.

And yes, I’m sure it works- girls love a guy with a nice muscular physique. But every Tom, Dick and Harry is in the gym these days, so soon your body isn’t going to turn heads any longer. Why not try a few new techniques to give you that extra boost? Its time to consider the other features that attract a girl’s attention, like your eyes, or your smile- even your nails.

I bet your wondering how can you possibly change anything about your eyes or your smile to get a girl to notice you. Its quite simple, and it all starts in the kitchen- the foods you eat have a huge impact on your overall appearance.


Eyes are most commonly referred to as the windows to the soul; ladies love a man with bright eyes, so you don’t want to be walking around with dull or damaged eyes. The best way to keep your eyes looking the part is to eat papaya- it contains an enzyme that helps nourish and support the creation of bright eyes. Bags under the eyes can also be another huge turn off for many ladies, these often occur due to lack of sleep. The best way to get rid of them is to include vitamin B6 and magnesium into your diet. The B6 helps fight off irritability and insomnia to help you sleep better, and magnesium helps promote better sleep patterns. Both of these can thankfully both be found in bananas.


A mans smile is a very appealing quality to any female, keeping your teeth white and free of stains is definitely a must. If you’re a big smoker or coffee drinker, you’re bound to have stained or discolored teeth. Mustard oil has stain-removing properties, if lightly rubbed on your teeth it can help get rid of those unwanted marks. To get your teeth looking pearly white again, instead of spending hundreds on getting them cosmetically whitened why not just start eating more guavas? Guavas contain many vitamins, but the most importantly they have a good supply of vitamin A, which is essential for healthy maintenance of teeth and hair. Guavas also contain compounds that help preserve the enamel on your teeth- keeping them whiter for longer!


Your skin in another big issue, you can’t spend all day in the gym to make your body look buff and then not take care of your skin. If you suffer from dry skin, and the cream you are using doesn’t seem to be working, then you need to start eating more almonds! They are rich in vitamin E, which is one of the most important antioxidants for healthy skin.

Vitamin A is another nutrient that is important for naturally bright skin, so if you suffer from dull skin, then you need to start eating more sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and they don’t just brighten up the skin, sweet potatoes also help protect against cancer, heart disease, asthma and arthritis, so you really cant go wrong with incorporating this vegetable into your regular diet!


Besides having hair in all the wrong places, there’s nothing more off putting to a woman than bad breath! Sometimes it doesn’t even matter how often you brush, some people are just cursed with bad breath and can’t figure out why.

If you do suffer from this unfortunate affliction, try-eating mint; have you ever wondered why most toothpastes have mint as the flavoring? It’s not just for its refreshing scent, the plant mint actually has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to protect your gums when you brush and eat. Not only that, mint also helps keep your breath smelling fresh as it has vinyl compounds that are able to get deep into the lungs and maintain the freshness as you breathe.

If you’re not much of a mint fan, eating onions is always an option. Onions contain a natural compound that has a toxic effect on the bacteria that lives in your mouth and teeth, the less bacteria you have on your teeth, the less likely you are to suffer from cavities. Unfortunately, these compounds are most effective when the onion is raw, so after you eat the onion you may want to have some mint lying around near by just incase.


Now this is a big one for everyone, we all want to have sexy looking feet, and unluckily for you guys, you’re not able to cover up your toe nails with nail polish to make them more attractive. But there are foods you can eat to help improve the sight of them, so you are able to wear sandals again with confidence.

If you are suffering from dull nails, this may be because you have a deficiency in foliate; eating lentils, beans or spinach could help give your nails a brighter appearance.

Tormented by dry, flaking nails? Simply rubbing a little olive oil around your nail beds every evening would help to keep your nails hydrated and healthy.

Many people these days have weak, brittle nails, to help combat this, all you need to do is add more essential fatty acids into your diet. This could help keep your nail beds moisturized stopping them from breaking so easily. While incorporating ground flaxseed to your cereal or smoothies would definitely help you win your brittle nail battle due to the essential fats that help the nail plate to develop properly and prevent your nails from splitting.

Capturing the attention of that one special lady takes a little more effort than just having a good body these days. So when you are done with lifting weights at the gym, don’t forget about the rest of you. Find a way to stand out from the crowd, Crop Over is coming up and the ladies will be looking at more than just your abs this year.

Become the Face of Fitness you want to see and stay a cut above the rest.



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